Board of Directors

Christen S. J. Myers

Board Member/Adviser

Christen S. J. Myers – TCA Adviser, Board of Director member, amazing musician mastering 9 instruments, a strong Algebra, Geometry Instructor, Math tutor and awesome chess player – Jarvis Christian College graduate, Alpha Kappa Mu National Honor Society member, Magna Cum Laude Graduate, double degree recipient, and Kappa Alpha Si fraternity former president and UT Masters candidate is a threat to any chess foe, friend to any chess student.

Erica Martinez

Board Member

Erica is the consummate mom and chess parent. Immersed and totally dedicated to the education of chess in youth and the incredible advantages chess provides, she is the parent of the youngest chess champion of The Chess Academy.

Bo Githoro


Coach Bo Githoro, USCF Candidate Master has a rating of 2118, an major asset to the coaching team of The Chess Academy. Bo is a former Gent step team master, a Texas State Chess Champion, holds a degree in Math and Chemistry from University of Texas at Dallas and member of the University of Dallas Chess Team. Bo is an amazing blitz chess player and has beaten many masters at the lightning fast critical thinking art of blitz chess. He is the main reason TCA blitz players are so dynamic.

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